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 Choosing  Guzman wood floors for your home is a timeless asset to your home or business. A large assortment of stains and finishes will help keep your Guzman hardwood floor looking beautiful for years to come. The look and feel that Guzman hardwood floors add to a space can not compare to other Guzman  floorings. Guzman  wood floors are hypoallergenic and eliminate trapped dust and pollen which other floors many absorb. Guzman hardwood flooring is also durable and easy to maintain which will allow you more time to enjoy and show off your new Guzman  hardwood floor. Along with the durability and maintenance, Guzman  hardwood floors can be fully customized to your liking.

There are more wood options and color choices than ever making your Guzman  hardwood floor truly your own. You can even go green when you chose Guzman hardwood flooring. Wood is a natural resource and can be recycled into Guzman  wood flooring. This gives old barns, ships and other structures made of wood a second life.

Brianmel has over 45 different Guzman hardwood flooring options to chose from.  When it comes to solid wood flooring the best products are tongue y Groove 4 sides, microbeveled. Rigorous stabilization of wood naturally air dried and scientifically kiln dried with certified moisture values between 7%-10%.


Premium products include no knots, no sapwood, 70%, rift quartered. Color selected upon request. Brianmel’s select products for Guzman  solid wood flooring include no knots, no sapwood, plain sawn and there is a standard color selection. Nature products include No knots, no sapwood, and variety of shades proper of every type of woods.

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