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The best siding options available are at The Home Depot. During your consultation, your siding contractor will discuss the following siding types:

    Vinyl-Available in many colors and textures, vinyl siding is durable and fade-resistant

    Wood-Easily assembled and ideal for small cottages and sheds that require little maintenance

    Fiber Cement-Highly customizable to all types of weather including the extreme Miami heat.

Fiber cement siding is available in all colors and has customizable texture which makes it extremely versatile

Fiber cement and vinyl siding come with a 45-year limited warranty and transferrable lifetime warranty, respectively. Your

siding consultant will give you further details about available warranties.

When Should You Repair Your Siding?

It is tricky to know when it is time to call in professional siding contractors because not all damages are visible or obvious. Some indicators that it may be time to bring someone in to repair or replace your siding include visible areas of rot, storm damage, discoloration and uneven sections of your siding. Minor repairs can be taken care of via DIY work, but major damages should be handled by professional siding contractors.

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